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Not one of those former crew members linked Sir Edward to any instances of child abuse, or that children were even ever taken aboard his various boats.All of the accusations were dismissed by police officers, who were also unable to link the murder claims to any missing children cases.The new website was created by Angela Walton-Raji and Toni Carrier.It has several interactive maps that researchers can use to determine what records are available near their area of interest.At a time before national identification papers became available, this type of information was often collected by banks to prove the identification of an individual (similar to today when many websites ask for your mother’s maiden name as a security question).has put online over 800,000 First World War records associated with British soldiers who were killed in action or missing in action.These lists are very useful to consult especially since the status of many soldiers changed during the war.

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Please include a link to the new records in your email.If the records are online, the map provides the appropriate links.The maps list the Freedmen’s Bureau field offices, contraband camps, Freedmen’s Bureau hospitals, Freedman’s Savings Bank branches and locations of United States Colored Troops (USCT) battles. [Mapping the Freedmen’s Bureau] shows the location of all the Freedmen’s Savings Bank branches.Many of these records are online, but are scattered across the internet.This new website helps direct researchers to the available resources.

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