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There are Southern cities and national news sites combing the data for government employees, and it’s safe to say that people will lose their jobs.As of this morning, we know of at least two people who reportedly killed themselves after being exposed by the hack. “So people are killing themselves over the #ashleymadisonhack its your own damn fault [sic],” reads one typical tweet.

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The city’s social freedom may also explain the relatively high female-to-male ratio.I am saying that morality evolves, and so does our sense of who deserves empathy, compassion, and acceptance.In retrospect, it's clear to most thinking people that gays and lesbians stayed in the closet because they feared serious, life-changing repercussions; we understand that the shaming and homophobia created lying.Last week, hackers dumped the Ashley Madison account information of 28 million men and 5 million women on the Internet. According to an analysis by the site 24/7 Wall St, San Francisco actually had the lowest proportion of Ashley Madison users among the nation’s 22 largest cities, with less than one percent of the city’s population signed up.The winner—Austin, Texas—had six times that figure.

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