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); guess what jewellery my daughter got from her German in-laws (a silver bracelet, hai hai); Mrs Kapoor’s angrez bahu put her up in the guest room on the third floor (uff..of her arthritic knees! The litany of complaints is endless but if you examine these issues, they are relatively minor cultural differences that can easily be bridged with some understanding on both sides.

My hunch is that it is an identity question in its most raw form.

Then think of the first-generation immigrant Indian, swimming furiously to stay afloat, often against the tide. Does the reaction to children marrying a foreigner vary with the socio-economic status and education in the NRI community? In the UK, for instance, at one end of the scale you get immigrant communities firmly rooted in the pind or village from where they migrated.

Finally, imagine him watching his dearly beloved son go under without a fight – to disappear and become one with the vast blue. They have children who were born and brought up entirely in a foreign land, sound foreign themselves, think like their white British friends and yet have to conform to their parents’ outdated views when it comes to marriage.

It took them five whole years to unveil their dark (or should I say white) secret!

With Indian parents living abroad, the “danger” that their children will marry someone of their adoptive country is very real.

This is not necessarily a bad thing and makes them much more open-minded than people like me.

What lends urgency to the NRI effort and an edge to its collective anxiety is the fact that while an unsuitable match in India would still be an Indian person albeit of a different community or caste, outside India, a “bad” match could mean a foreigner – even worse, a foreigner from a lower social class!

In an alien land where social distinctions are blurred, Indian parents find themselves confronting some unexpected dilemmas that they solve in their own unique way.

However, it is this ability that makes me slot people into preconceived categories and that is surely, not such a good thing.

It is this prejudiced attitude amongst NRI parents that leads to unhappy situations.

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